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A Message to You: A Message to your World

To the Residents of countries who are members of the United Nations (UN),  World Trade Organization (WTO) & Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and Commonwealth of Nations

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Government (Public) Regulators  (GPR) Self-Regulatory Organizations (SRO) in all forms: Hybrid SRO  (government-mandated, private or non-government) Regulators  & Private SRO (non-government-mandated, private or non-government) whose common goals are to keep the global public in "better, safer and more efficient" conditions.


General Public, Consumers, Customers, Prospective Customers, Industry, Regulators, Regulatees, Investors, Shareholders, Stakeholders, Public Officials & Government 

RE: Standards, Quality, Conformity Management-in-Commerce through the application of conformity science (, Bungay Unification of Quantum Process Algorithm; commercially applied, identified and marketed by the source identifier trademark brand name: "Principles of 'BlockChain'".

MQCC: Recognized - Respected - Trusted

Why does getting served a "Standard of Good Quality" in business and government matter so much to you?

MQCC understands why you demand a "Standard of Good Quality"; and this web page is proof; read on:

As a person in an Interconnected Global World; in matters of your Local, National or International Commerce and Governance,  a "Standard of Good Quality"  is what keeps you happy and safe.

This is why global governments established something called "regulatory" systems; in order to provide a promise to their population of constituents that certain minimum standards are met in order to  protect their "main street residents" from harm caused organizations (commerce and government) who deliver no-quality or low-standard of quality goods or services.

Before incorporation in September 2006, MQCC, through careful and proper application of the principles of conformity science (, developed the systems, technology, services and products to create National and International registered, regulatory-integrated systems allowed for every organization on earth, to benefit their customers or constituents by offering a "standard of good quality" every day, for every aspect of an organization: commercial or government.

Remember, for instance, the last time you ordered something, convinced by a company sales person or a government department that the quality of the methods which create their products or their quality of service was good. Yet, after receiving the goods or services, you discover the quality was nothing near what you expected and your trust was lost.

A classic example of this disconnection between expectation and delivery is in the finance sector: many consumers feel that the Canadian (and global) finance sector has a similar problem. Bankers or lenders or brokers promise you "services for life" and the moment you lose your job, get a bad credit history, or lose your company revenues, the banker, the lender or the broker can "no longer help" -- and you are not even near retirement age yet!

Indeed, regarding the finance sector, studies show that a significant number of Canadians (and global consumers) are dissatisfied with their current experience with their existing banking and finance providers; from customer service to failing to meet customer requirements. Implementing a Registered Quality Management System, built from the ground up, applying seminal "BlockChain" principles first discovered by the founder of MQCC,  Anoop Bungay, pursuant to development and commercialization of a "peer to peer electronic finance system"  in the early 2000's, solves the problem of poor quality and loss of trust.

Welcome to MQCC: The Future of Global Commerce

Where Quality Lives.

Registered to National (Canada) & International Standards for Quality Management: "Risk Reduction, Accountability, Transparency and Efficiency through Certified Quality Management".


MQCC: Home to the BLOCKCHAIN ORIGINAL SOURCE™: BLOCKCHAINOS trademark brand suite of Learning, Education, Training, Testing, Audit, Assessment, Accreditation and Certification standards, systems, technology, services (methods) and products (goods); Celebrating over 21 Years of Development and Commercialization in 2021

The MQCC's Business Enterprise Quality Management System is Registered to the Canadian Equivalent of ISO 9001:2015 published by:

 Canada's National Standard for Quality Management ISO 9001:2015
CSA Group: "Helping improve the safety and quality of the products and services that touch your life." 

Welcome to the MQCC System-Network

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